About Sournalistic


Sournalistic is derived from the words ‘sour’ and ‘journalistic’. The blog itself was intended to be some kind of proudly-being-sarcastic-and-furious type which would bring a refreshment (and anger) into the era (well I was expecting too much! laughing).

Honestly, I made Sournalistic out of anger and frustration of what is happening in my country, in the world. So I was going to write (read: preach) about politics and life here, anonymously.

But, hey, that was a stupid idea. Life is already tough, why should I bring more gloom within my writing? Why am I not trying to make some enlightenment instead of dragging horror truths?

So I decided to change the line into “A taste that brings back your INTUITION” from “A taste that brings you back into REALITY”.

No, we aren’t detaching from reality. We’re reaching it thoroughly by intuition.

Then I have a clear purpose here: I’m gonna dig your intuition through my posts.

Let’s get into a deeper meaning of life, guys and gurls. smug

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