A Way to Decipher True Love


(Note: I should have posted this one on Valentine’s day but I was lazy af to finish it LOL)

Love is undeniably an interesting subject. Even for me—a rather skeptic heartless Thinker, Love has made it way beside Time and Fate (Universe/Cosmos, whatever you call it) as biggest mysteries in my life. So, even though I am really sucks at social life (even more in romantic relationship, I don’t usually consider it important in my life), the concept of Love in general is always able to aroused my curiosity. day dreaming

So, what is True Love? What does it stand for? For all my life, I had born with the saying in my religion that we—humans are born in pairs. I’d like to comment that it has two major impacts among my people:

  1. It assures that we will meet our soulmates no matter what, even if we just sit and wait around. Many TV series (K-Drama) elaborate and portray it in an unconventional way surprise! I believe in most cases it leads into minor hallucinations of what real life romance should be.
  2. It makes people anxious and unsure about their current romance. Is he/she the perfect one for me? What if the other person is not my soulmate? What if there’s someone else who is meant to be with me? Therefore, it leads people to be super picky in choosing partner. sad

But I had a rather extreme approach. It was a very gloomy and depressive thoughts. I remember discussing it with my best friend.

I said to her, “I believe that we were born in pairs. But is it true that the one we marry with is our soulmate? How about people who got divorce? Who got married again? What happened to someone’s meant-to-be-soulmate if this someone died even before they meet?”

I also mentioned the idea to few other people—no one could reply properly (well, because I just upset them laughing). I decided to keep it only to myself.

But then my perceptions drastically changed thanks to an episode of TV series—the 16th episode season 8 of Friends. It was when Phoebe told Monica and Chandler that she has found Monica’s soulmate, ignoring the fact that Monica was married to Chandler! Hilariously, it turned out that Monica and ‘her soulmate’ got along really well. Of course Chandler became really jelly over that rolling on the floor. Here goes their conversation:


Unexpectedly, Monica wisely responded:



“I believe that we fell in love and work hard at our relationship.”

Yeah, Monica just reminded us to weigh more on the relationship itself rather than who you are with. You won’t go anywhere with anyone if you keep looking for the right (better) one.

Lastly, I’d like to write down what my Aviator told me about True Love. He said, “True Love is about commitment. It is when you want and ready to commit yourself to someone else, and the (significant) other agree to do so.” love struck big hug

So, how about you? What is True Love to you? Do you believe in it? happy


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