A Walk To Remember

The cool breeze.. How could I forget it?

I stepped at this street again today after such a long time. I looked around—watched this street and realized how nostalgic it is.

The weather—it was a cloudy day. The breeze… It gave such a gloomy atmosphere yet it’s very soothing and calming. Those green leaves that watching me walking… They were at their best color! Nobody ever really see the details to see their beauty, right? Well, I guess no one ever really look at the leaves—me never looked at them before that day.

The day when I realized how precious you are.

And then I looked at my left. Those deer with white spots! I smiled. They also seemed very enchanting to me today. Running around across the green field of the white palace, some were even dare to come near the fence. I remembered that you are really fond of animals. You’ll be envious whenever I mention about the deer in my town.

I really wished I already have my phone so I can take their picture for you, Hun. I wished to cheer you up once again. Even though there’s nothing could make you sad, I’ll still want to do it for you.

Oh yeah actually I lied about today. Today was really perfect. It really looked like the day when I realized how precious you are. But without you, everything is less colorful. Everything is emotionless. Even the cool breeze—that I’ve always liked—made me cold and upset, Hun.

I came back here to take all back. I want to take back the beauty of the green leaves. I want to feel the soothing and calming breeze once again. I want to feel the happiness whenever I see the deer—I want to remember you! But everything—everything without you is different, it gives nothing! How could you not understand even a bit of it?!

The wind flew harder. I looked at the old trees high above my head. One of them could fall on me anytime. I walked faster. Right now—some part of me—they’re crumbling just like those trees. As the rain also might fall anytime, the memory of having you around might be gone with the rain.

I stopped walking at this moment. I took the first public car passing by. Of course I cannot let the rain washes away the memory of you. Even though it’s getting harder to remember the joy of spending time with you, I cannot let a bit of you slip from my mind. Never, Hun.

Please, I beg you, come back immediately, Hun. Come back before the cold breeze completely freezes the feeling of missing you and the rain washes you away..


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